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Saber Robotics and Vision Systems consists of a versatile and talented group of people who have dedicated their careers to delivering state-of-the-art automation and control systems to a comprehensive and devoted group of customers.

The original company, Saber Engineering, was established in Auburn, California in 1993. After successfully growing the company to be recognized as a top robotic and vision system integrator, the original founders Dennis Hopkins and Bob Sullivan retired in 2021. Saber Engineering was purchased by one of the original employees and the name was changed to Saber Robotics and Vision systems.


Our approach to the business of automation remains to be flexible as to the industries we serve. The heart of the services we provide is robotic cell design, control system design, vision engineering, software design, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, fabrication, and project management.

These skills are applied to projects ranging from the production of thin-film solar panels to the monitoring and control of a freshwater treatment facility. Our strength of versatility has kept the company vital and strong throughout any economic cycle. This depth of skill has rewarded our customers with consistent and reliable service. In these tough economic times, Saber has remained strong and progressive in our business practice.

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