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Saber Robotics and Vision Systems is recognized as an extremely experienced and innovative integration firm with demonstrated skills in applying the right solution – even for the most difficult and complex applications.

Saber offers our customers a complete turn-key solution.  Designing controls and mechanics is a primary service we provide. Often the product or process must be physically manipulated for presentation to the automation and our knowledge of material handling coupled with our controls know-how ensures your project success.

Here are just some of our capabilities:

Industrial Robotics | we are certified partners with Fanuc™ and Universal Robotics™.  Both Best-in-Class robotic companies.

Machine Vision | partnering with some of the biggest names in Machine Vision - Keyence and Cognex, Saber has built a name as a leader in machine vision technology.

Mechatronic Systems | complete in-house design combining mechanical, electrical, programmable controls and software into single or multiple systems. 

Motion Control | vast experience in servo, stepper and drives. Ranging from rotary, linear, and hybrids. One of our specialties is micro-motion using voice coil technology. We use systems by Rockwell, Omron, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, etc.

Laser Welding and Etching | we have a wide range of experience with solid-state lasers in medical device and solar industries. We use systems by Keyence, SPI & IPG.

Structural and Finish Design | we design and build structural framework using mild and stainless-steel weldments as well as aluminum extrusions. We facilitate systems from clean rooms to wash-down.

We are integration partners with FanucKeyence | Universal Robots | Cognex
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