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Laser Marking Cell

A collaborative robot system that accepts parts from an operator for laser markings.  System conducts a series of vision inspections for robot guidance verification and quality.

Primary Components:

Fanuc Robots

Cognex Vision

IPG Integrated Marking Laser

Landmark Maestro Galvo System

Grinding Finishing Robot

A robotic pick & place system that manipulates steel casting along one of two static grinding tools.  The separation line derived from the sand casting process must be removed prior to painting.  

Primary Components:

Fanuc Robots

ATI Tool Changer

ATI Pneumatic Grinders

3D Vision Inspection Cell

18650 lithium batteries must be inspected for any surface damage prior to packaging.  The robot performs a random bin from a tray of batteries.  Camera mounted to end-of-arm tooling images the bin pick.  Robot then manipulated the battery in front of multi-spectrum lighting for measurement analysis. 

Primary Components:

Universal Robots

Keyence XG Vision Systems

Keyence Multi-Spectrum Lighting Unit

Keyence SZ-V Safety Scanner