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Laser Marking Cell

A collaborative robot system that accepts parts from an operator for laser markings.  System conducts a series of vision inspections for robot guidance verification and quality.

Primary Components:

Fanuc Robots

Cognex Vision

IPG Integrated Marking Laser

Landmark Maestro Galvo System

Grinding Finishing Robot

A robotic pick & place system that manipulates steel casting along one of two static grinding tools.  The separation line derived from the sand casting process must be removed prior to painting.  

Primary Components:

Fanuc Robots

ATI Tool Changer

ATI Pneumatic Grinders

3D Vision Inspection Cell

18650 lithium batteries must be inspected for any surface damage prior to packaging.  The robot performs a random bin from a tray of batteries.  Camera mounted to end-of-arm tooling images the bin pick.  Robot then manipulated the battery in front of multi-spectrum lighting for measurement analysis. 

Primary Components:

Universal Robots

Keyence XG Vision Systems

Keyence Multi-Spectrum Lighting Unit

Keyence SZ-V Safety Scanner

Welding & Assembly Robot

Dual robot cell for assembling complex medical device weldments.  The robots work in unison to articulate small complex metal alloy parts for welding operations.  Machine vision is used to guide the robots and conduct pre and post vision inspections.

Primary Components:

Denso Robots

Cognex Vision Systems

IPG Laser System

Copley Servo Systems

Omron Programmable Controls