Posted on: December 21, 2017


Saber Engineering is completing its largest equipment build to date. This system lifts heavy acrylic sheets and cuts them to size.

The Cell Cast System’s primary objectives are to:

Accept sheets of framed acrylic that arrive from the casting operation.
Perform Vision Inspection on the product.
Convey the product to a robot that will pick & place, perform milling and route the acrylic out of a frame.
Route acrylic to the out-feed conveyor system.
System Architecture

Outfeed conveyance will sort and stack acrylic sheets in one of several locations per vision inspection results.

The System utilizes the automation platforms below:

  • Kuka Robot
    • Moves product between Inspection, Milling and Conveyor Sub-systems.
    • Performs milling and removes edges of product.
    • Clean product surface and marks any defects.
    • Presents product to barcode label applicator.
  • Rockwell CompactLogix PLC
    • Primary unit, manages and oversees the System.
  • Keyence Vision
    • Inspects products for any defects.
    • Reports back the results to the PLC, per section.
  • Keyence Laser Displacement Sensors
    • Reads thickness along a product, in three sections.
    • Note that this setup is not supported due to variations of the placement of a sheet within the frame. Sonic sensors are utilized instead.
  • SMC Sonic Sensors
    • Reads thickness along a product on the front & back surface, in three sections.
  • Schneider Wonderware InTouch
    • User interface, product and recipe management.
  • Rockwell Motion
    • Inspection Sub-system Carrier motion control.
    • Out-feed Conveyor Sub-System Conveyor and Vacuum Head motion control.
  • Yaskawa VFD
    • Controls speed of the milling head.
  • ID Technology Series Model 250
    • Barcode applicator 


This has been a multi year effort with 3 engineers working full time. It is working well and the team is wrapping up just in time for the holidays. Great job guys!