All things engineering!  Many of our automation achievements  are one-of-a-kind.  Clients typically come to us looking for solutions that don't fall into any specific category.  Unique cell automation is our specialty.


Having served the Silicon Valley region since the 90's, we have been part of a great many advances in manufacturing technology.  That experience has produced a winning culture at Saber that ensures customer success and loyalty


 Our depth of skill has rewarded our customers with consistent and reliable service.  We are the experts with the tools of automation, but our clients are experts of their process.  Our mission is to work together and integrate the process to the automation



Since 1993 Saber Engineering has been dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art automation for a comprehensive and devoted group of clients.  Our size and versatility allows us to take large and small projects. From consulting to complete stand-alone manufacturing cells, we have the resources to do the job.

Our facility is located in Northern California, just outside Sacramento.  We've deployed projects and services as far as Europe and China.  All of our systems are fully constructed and tested within our 25,ooo sq. ft. facility prior to shipment.  Some of our customers require strict anonymity and security of which we are able to provide. 


Our engineering culture is primarily one of an style open of off-the-shelf integrated solutions.  Whenever we take on a technical challenge, we always look for a proven non-propriety solution.  If that is unavailable we the talent to design a custom solution.  



1542 Industrial Drive

Auburn, CA  95603

(530) 889-9238


Saber Engineering Inc.

1542 Industrial Drive

Auburn, CA  95603

(530) 889-9238